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About is an old laptop, Compaq Armada M700, with OpenBSD running on it. Although the hardware resources are seriously limited, it can be a very useful UNIX tool. For more resource hungry jobs, please refer to other free shell projects.

We are planning to upgrade this hardware with something newer, but it will take time, since this is volunteer project.

How to create a free shell account on

Write an e-mail to:

including your motivation – what you will be doing with your account. Also, don't forget to tell us your preferred login name.

Please note that we don't allow any kind of bouncers, bots, nor we don't run Linux on the free shell servers, so giving your reasons as "znc", "bnc", "eggdrop" or "for learning Linux commands" will leave you without answer. Also, we're sapiophilous, so you need to make sentences…

A serious note about the abuse.

PGP public keys of the admins:

Please report abuse to

Classic BSD games corner.

Our sister project.

You can donate today!

Who's on obsd at the moment? (Updated every 5 minutes.)



OpenBSD was the only modern system that run flawlessly on this old hardware. Linux just paniced, NetBSD required having sound driver disabled (though it worked on the Armada around 4-current.) Others - I didn't try.


Well... IRC. WOW, we have our own IRC channel ;)

Note that there are no admins (mostly) on IRC, so the best bet for you in case of trouble is contact on the requests@ email.

Status page

If the server disappears for more than a few days, the status page at will be updated.

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