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The OpenBSD free shell

Who's on the board?

root     *console Apr 22 18:23
dmb      *ttyC1   Apr 22 18:24

uname -a

OpenBSD obsd 6.2 GENERIC#163 i386

How to create account and the SSH fingerprints

         __             __         __
  ____  / /_  _________/ /  ____  / /
 / __ \/ __ \/ ___/ __  /  / __ \/ / 
/ /_/ / /_/ (__  ) /_/ /_ / /_/ / /  
\____/_.___/____/\__,_/(_) .___/_/   

* The OpenBSD free shell *

To create account on this system, write an e-mail with your intended usage and
desired login name to

Please elaborate a bit on your account usage, and after receiving e-mail
with confirmation that you are accepted, send donation of at least $1,
but preferably more, to this verified PayPal address(*)(**):

Don't forget to include your username.

That's it!

(*) The donation is mainly for avoiding abusive users.  You're still getting
    lots more than you send, and the service is far from even returning its
(**) With one donation you're getting accounts on multiple servers with
     different OS's.  The machines depend on current needs.

obsd OpenSSH public keys fingerprints:

1024 SHA256:o2hochI/BJb1ntrB/DCj0BpDEwZBSuaK93DPbxLqyhs root@obsd (DSA)
256 SHA256:g9KABwhrZDDM+scHy6+YS3fwD6gOURyTTNGolHQwbYI root@obsd (ECDSA)
256 SHA256:DJfMgr+zg1OJ6qpScTpSLOqnUVrMwK4hubhe7Kg5Zj0 root@obsd (ED25519)
2048 SHA256:7Ifgq6cVkZ4jTJbkd+tykuZ8xqrIiDNm3N6qF5dHma4 root@obsd (RSA)

1024 MD5:f1:4d:bf:87:3d:c8:73:a0:6e:08:d5:a6:51:51:ca:c9 root@obsd (DSA)
256 MD5:b0:12:ef:08:89:87:58:5a:3a:36:08:6d:d4:b6:99:21 root@obsd (ECDSA)
256 MD5:7b:cf:ac:be:d3:fb:51:ef:ab:ae:5e:05:ac:1a:e7:76 root@obsd (ED25519)
2048 MD5:b1:04:62:51:df:3e:63:30:c3:5c:4c:ea:de:c8:17:3a root@obsd (RSA)



News about downtimes

04/22/18:  Attempt with upgrading to OpenBSD 6.2 mostly
           failed.  I don't know yet what to do next.  This
           hardware is just too old.
04/03/18:  ISP issues with BGP.
03/19/18:  A fatal fuckup...
11/25/17:  They were changing current meter in my flat, so
           they had to turn the power off.
10/07/17:  TOR is discontiued on obsd until upgrade to better
           hardware.  It was eating too much resources.
09/21/17:  Our ISP at Reymonta has issues with BGP peering


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